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Galangal Root (Protection & Money)

Galangal Root (Protection & Money)

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Unearth the potent mystique of our bagged Galangal Root, a revered ally in the realm of magic spells and witchcraft. Each bag encloses the fiery essence of Galangal, a herb celebrated for its power to bolster courage, sharpen psychic abilities, and ward off negativity. When woven into your spells, the warm, spicy vibrations of Galangal Root act as a catalyst, igniting the energies of protection and foresight. Meticulously curated, our Galangal Root is a venerable companion for any magical practitioner looking to deepen their craft. Step into a world of ancient herbal magic, and let Galangal Root amplify your mystical endeavors.

Weight 0.25 oz.

*Our ritual herbs are solely intended for spiritual and magical practices, and are not meant for human consumption. Please use them responsibly in your sacred rituals.


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