Ordering FAQ

Can I change the shipping address on my order?

Unfortunately after your order has been placed, we can not change the shipping address. You will need to cancel your order, and replace it with the corrected address.

Can I cancel my order?

If your order has not been shipped yet, we will try our best to cancel it at your request. Once your order has been shipped, you will need to return it to get a refund on the product cost only. Please see our return/exchange policy to make sure items you ordered are returnable before requesting a refund.

Can I ship to multiple addresses?

We are not able to split orders, and ship to multiple addresses. You will need to place an order for each delivery address.

Can I change or edit my order after it has been placed?

We are not able to change, or alter orders once they have been placed. This includes, changing shipping address, receivers name, add/remove items, or any other changes.

May I exchange clothing for a different size?

Due to the rate at which our inventory moves, we do not offer exchanges on clothing. You will need to return the original item, and reorder the item you want as a replacement.

Where's my order confirmation?

When you place an order you should receive an email confirmation. If you don't see an email confirmation, please check your spam folder. If you still need help you can always contact us for anything.

Is there a minimum order value?

There is not a minimum order value on our website.

Can I add a gift message to my order?

If you would like to add a gift message in your order, please add this in the comments section when checking out.

Payment FAQ

What if my payment won't go through?

Our payments are handled by a 3rd party system. We do not have control over the processing, or the ability to process a payment offline. If your payment won't go through, please try again later. If you are continuing to have an issue please contact us.

Is my payment information safe?

Enchanted Soul and it's employees do not have access to any credit card information. We also do not have the ability to store card information. we do this to ensure your payment information is secure.

When are credit/debit cards charged?

Credit/debit cards are charged when you place the order on our website.

Can I pay in installments or use "buy now, pay later" services?

Yes. You can use shop pay to pay in 4 interest free installment payments. click the shop pay link next to each product price to learn more about shop pay installment program.

Shipping FAQ

Where do you ship from?

We ship all orders from Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

Do you ship to other Countries?

We ship most products world wide. That being said, our return policy may not apply to Countries outside of the US. For More information on international shipping check out the International Shipping section on our FAQ page.

What shipping services do you use?

We typically ship via USPS, and UPS. There are occasions when we will ship through Fedex, or DHL, especially on International orders.

How long does shipping take?

We typically ship orders out within 2-3 business days. Unforeseen circumstances can, and do happen, for these reason we do not guarantee a ship date. Holidays, weekends, etc. can slow ship times. We ship orders weekdays, Monday through Friday. US standard transport times for USPS and UPS range from 2 to 7 business days after we have shipped your order. International order transport times can be much longer, depending on the shipping service you have selected. Enchanted Soul is not responsible for any shipping delays after the package leaves our facilities. Shipping times are not guaranteed.

What do I do with a damaged or missing item?

All items we ship are new, and free of defects. If for some reason your items arrives stained/broken/damaged in any way you must notify us within 48 hours of receipt. The item must be new & unused to make a claim. Once you have used the item we are not able to initiate a refund or exchange.

What happens if my package is returned to sender?

In the event your package is returned to sender due to invalid/wrong address, you can choose to have it reshipped to an alternate or corrected address once we have received the returned package. You will be charged for the cost of the reship postage. If your package was returned to sender, please contact support via email to pay for reshipment of the package, as well as give us an updated shipping address. If you do not want your package resent, we will offer you a full refund on the cost of the product only. The original shipping charges will not be refunded. 

What if my package was lost or stolen?

Enchanted Soul is not responsible for lost or stolen packages. Once orders leave our fulfillment center, the carrier of choice (UPS, Fedex, USPS, or DHL) holds liability for all packages.

If your package appears to be lost in transit, We must wait to make sure it doesn't end up getting delivered. If it appears that after the waiting period the package is indeed lost, we will reship, or refund your order.

International Shiping FAQ

Do you offer international shipping?

We ship to most Countries Internationally.

How are international shipping rates calculated?

All of our shipping rates are calculated based off of weight & dimensions of packages. The actual rate charged is done so via the selected carrier (UPS, USPS). The rates shown on our website during the checkout process, are the actual rates we will pay.

Can I track my international order?

Depending on the service you choose, may or may not receive a tracking number. If their is a tracking number provided with the shipping service you chose, we will update your order with that tracking number when provided by carrier.

What carriers do you use for international shipping?

Typically we use USPS, or UPS for international shipments.

How long does international shipping usually take?

The shipment time will vary based off of which shipping service you have chosen. This can vary from a a few days, up to multiple weeks. These times will not include our typical processing time of 2 to 3 business days.

Are there any countries you do not ship to?

Currently we do not ship to Cuba, Iran, North Korea, or Syria. If you would like to confirm that we ship to your Country before you place an order, you can send us a message on our contact us form here https://enchantedsoul.store/pages/contact

Are taxes and duties included in the final cost of my order?

We do not cover taxes and duties when processing International orders. Please check with your local importation laws and regulations to get clarification on what is necessary when importing goods from outside your Country.

If taxes and duties are not included, how and when will I be charged?

This will vary Country to Country, but typically when your order reaches the destination Country you will incur a tax and duty, if necessary by local regulations.

What happens if my international package is returned or rejected?

Please read our international shipping section on our return exchanges policies page here https://enchantedsoul.store/pages/return-exchanges-policy

Can I return or exchange items if I am an international customer?

Due to the compelxitiy of international shipping, all international sales are considered final. You can read more about this on our returns exchange page under the international shipping section here https://enchantedsoul.store/pages/return-exchanges-policy

Refunds & Exchanges FAQ

How long do I have to return a product?

In store purchases must be returned within 30 days of purchase. Website purchases can be returned in store up to 30 days, or shipped back to us at your expense within 30 days. The original shipping charge will not be refunded.

What do I need to return an item?

You will either need your original receipt from our store, your invoice that was sent with your online order, or a gift receipt.

What if it's been over 30 days?

If it's been over 30 days from the time of purchase, we can not offer you a refund or exchange on your purchase.

What is your exchange policy?

Due to the rate at which our inventory sells, we do not offer exchanges for any item. Please initiate a return, and reorder the item you want instead.

Please read our return/exchanges policy for further details. https://enchantedsoul.store/pages/return-exchanges-policy

How will you you refund my order?

For online orders we will refund the card/payment you used on our website. In store returns will be refunded to either your original form of payment, or gift card.

How long does a refund take?

Once we have received the returned item we will process the refund to your original form of payment. If this is a card, it may take your bank 3 to 5 days to post the refunded funds. Once we issue the refund, we do not have control of how long it takes to post in your bank.

Where do I return my item to?

You can ship any returns to Enchanted Soul 85 spring St Eureka Springs, Ar 72632. Customer is responsible for all return shipping charges.

Crystals FAQ

How do I clean and maintain my crystals?

Cleaning and maintaining your crystals largely depends on the type of crystal, but here are some general steps you can follow:

  1. Physical Cleaning: This is the first step. Use a soft cloth to wipe off dust and debris. If necessary, you can use a mild soap and warm water to wash the crystal, but be sure to rinse it thoroughly to remove any soap residue. Do Not use water on things like calcites, as they may damage the crystal. Alternatively to remove dust, you can use canned air. This is our go to for large intricate crystals.
  2. Energetic Cleaning: Some people believe in cleansing their crystals energetically, especially if they are used for healing or meditative purposes. This can be done in various ways:

Moonlight/Sunlight: Leaving your crystals in moonlight or sunlight can help cleanse and recharge them. However, be aware that some crystals can fade under strong sunlight.

Smudging: This involves burning palo santo, or other cleansing herbs and passing your crystals through the smoke to cleanse them.

Sound: Using a tuning fork, bell, or singing bowl can cleanse crystals with the vibrations of sound.

  1. Recharging: After cleaning, it's also important to recharge your crystals. This can be done by placing them in sunlight or moonlight, burying them in the earth, or placing them on a piece of selenite or quartz, which are believed to have recharging properties.

Remember, some crystals are sensitive to water, sunlight, or certain elements, so it's essential to research how to clean and maintain your specific type of crystal.

Can I request specific crystals if they're not listed on the website?

You can contact us about any crystals you are interested in purchasing, and we can go through our inventory to see if there is anything that you like that is not listed on our website. The best way to do this start with our contact us form here https://enchantedsoul.store/pages/contact

Can I get more information on the properties of the crystals and their uses?

For more information on crystals you can check out our blog here https://enchantedsoul.store/blogs/enchanted-musings

Are there any specific crystals recommended for beginners?

Amethyst, Quartz, Selenite, & Agate are good begginer crystals. You can learn more about crystals, their uses, and their properties on our blog https://enchantedsoul.store/blogs/enchanted-musings

What is the process of charging a crystal and why is it necessary?

Charging a crystal is a practice associated with the belief that crystals can hold and emit energy, especially in the realm of metaphysical and
spiritual work.

According to these belief systems, the process of charging a crystal is thought to "re-energize" or "amplify" the innate properties of the crystal, making it more potent for its intended use. Here are a few examples of how to charge a crystal:

  1. Cleanse the Crystal: Before you charge a crystal, it is generally recommended to cleanse it first. This is to clear any negative energy the crystal may have picked up. This can be done with water, salt, smoke from herbs or palo santo, or by placing the crystal under moonlight or sunlight. Note: Some crystals should not be cleansed with water as they can dissolve or rust; always research the specific needs of your crystal.
  2. Intention Setting: After cleansing, hold the crystal in your hands or place it in front of you, and set your intention. This can be done by mentally reciting what you want the crystal to assist you with.
  3. Charging Methods: There are several methods you can use to charge a crystal. Here are a few common ones:
  • Sunlight or Moonlight: Leaving your crystal in the sunlight or moonlight for a few hours can charge it. However, be aware that some crystals can fade with prolonged exposure to sunlight.
  • Earth: Burying your crystal in the earth (soil or sand) can also charge it, as this is believed to connect it with the Earth's natural energy.
  • Other Crystals: Some crystals, like clear quartz and selenite, are believed to have the ability to charge other crystals. Simply placing the crystal to be charged on or near one of these stones can do the trick.
  • Sound: Sounds from tuning forks, bells, or singing bowls are thought to create vibrations that can charge your crystal.

These are only a few examples of ways people charge crystals. It is always a good idea to test what works best for you and your specific needs.