How To Charge & Cleanse Crystals: A Beginners Guide

how to charge and cleanse crystals

How to charge & cleanse crystals, is an often asked question we receive. The process of charging crystals is a sacred ritual, a way to cleanse and amplify the energy of these natural wonders. In this post, I'll share with you the various methods I use to charge crystals, each with its unique benefits and considerations.

When you first purchase a crystal, it's essential to charge it to cleanse any residual energies it may have absorbed from its previous environment and to attune it to your unique energy field. Charging a new crystal not only purifies it but also amplifies its inherent properties, making it more effective in its purpose, whether that's for healing, protection, love, or abundance. By charging your new crystal, you're essentially resetting it to its natural state, allowing it to function at its highest potential. This process also helps to establish a connection between you and your crystal, fostering a deeper, more personal relationship with your new energetic ally.

1. Sunlight and Moonlight

One of the most common ways to charge crystals is by exposing them to the energy of the sun or the moon. Sunlight is vibrant and energizing, making it perfect for crystals like clear quartz and citrine that hold and amplify energy. Moonlight, on the other hand, is calming and intuitive, ideal for crystals like moonstone and selenite that enhance intuition and dreams.

2. Earth

Burying your crystals in the earth allows them to tap into the grounding energy of Mother Earth. This method is particularly effective for grounding stones like hematite and smoky quartz. Remember to mark the spot where you bury your crystals, and leave them for a day or two to fully absorb the earth's energy.

3. Water

Water is a purifying element that can cleanse and charge your crystals. You can use natural sources of water like rivers, lakes, or even rain. However, be cautious as some crystals, like selenite, & calcite can dissolve in water.

4. Sound

Sound healing is another effective way to charge your crystals. The vibrations from singing bowls, bells, or even your own voice can cleanse and charge your crystals. This method is especially beneficial for crystals that are used in meditation and spiritual practices, such as amethyst and lapis lazuli.

5. Other Crystals

Certain crystals, like selenite and clear quartz, have the ability to cleanse and charge other crystals. Simply place your crystals on a selenite slab or near a clear quartz cluster and let them absorb the energy.

6. Intention and Visualization

For experienced metaphysical healers, hold your crystals in your hands, close your eyes, and visualize a white or golden light surrounding your crystals, charging them with positive energy. At the same time, set your intention for what you want the crystals to help you with.

Remember, the most important part of charging your crystals is your intention. No matter which method you choose, do it with a clear mind and an open heart. Your crystals are tools to help you on your spiritual journey, and they are as powerful as your belief in them.

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