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Calendula (Masculine & Sun Energy)

Calendula (Masculine & Sun Energy)

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Experience the radiant energies of our bagged Calendula (Marigold), a luminous herb in the realm of witchcraft and magical spells. Bursting with the fiery vigor of the Sun, Calendula embodies the essence of Masculine and Fire energies. Its vibrant petals serve as a conduit to these powerful forces, making it an invaluable component in rituals aiming to harness such dynamism. Whether offered in sacred rites or burned as a fragrant incense, Calendula stands as a beacon of solar strength and potency. Vibrant in its essence, our Calendula invites you to bask in its warm, empowering embrace.

Weight 0.25 oz.

*Our ritual herbs are solely intended for spiritual and magical practices, and are not meant for human consumption. Please use them responsibly in your sacred rituals.


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